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Biblical Conundrums - And Answers (Video Series)

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

In this series I tackle ten of the most puzzling texts in the Jewish-Christian canon. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the solutions. The links take you to the respective YouTube clips.

Biblical Conundrums #1 Manic Mood Swings in James? This short video gives you a key to understand what is really going on in this Apostolic letter from 2,000 years ago.

Biblical Conundrums #2 Ecclesiastes - existential Angst in the Jewish-Christian Canon three thousand years before Kierkegaard and Sartre? The Holy Spirit's gentle, down-to-earth answer has a life-affirming and heart-warming message for us all.

Biblical Conundrums #3 Ambush in Romans 7. If you ever thought the picture of a losing battle in Romans 7 is the normal Christian experience, think again. Someone in that complex story has been derailed, and if we can understand how it happened, it can help us prevent similar sabotage in our own lives. Romans 7 also turns out to be the key to Paul's Galatians letter, and some of the more baffling passages in Colossians.

Biblical Conundrums #4 Job - Why God Accepts Satan's Challenges. The ancient book of Job throws up many challenging questions for modern readers. It's not enough to say "just accept and believe... God is sovereign" etc. This video aims to take us into the mind of the Almighty to help us see spiritual warfare from his perspective. We have the mind of Christ, says Paul.

Feedback from viewers.

This is so concise, so much to think about in these few minutes. Will watch again. Really well done. W.G. (The Romans 7 Ambush)

Thanks for this Bill. A very challenging conundrum with a very well presented response. K.G. (Job -Satan's Challenges.)

As accessible as it is profound and personal. The depth of reflection is evident yet not intimidating. This is like Paul in the cultural arena but unashamed of the truth. D.M. (Ecclesiastes)

This is helpful, it certainly makes sense of the two different tones in James and I am looking forward to more of your insights into Biblical conundrums. A.K. (How to read James)

It’s good you’ve unpacked some of these themes in your books already…Having a video helps bring them to life even more. J.B. (Ecclesiastes)

A lovely heart-warming message to wrap around our hearts. A.G. (Ecclesiastes)

Just watched your latest - well-titled "conundrum". Honest, profound and never more relevant. Spiritual warfare is so timely. D.M. (Job - Satan's Challenges.)

Thank you so much for sending the video. It was, as usual, succinct, to the point and practical.

I appreciated all you said in such a short time very much. I had already enjoyed listening to your previous posts. J.K. (Job - Satan's Challenges.)

Bill, as ever your understanding and analysis brings unique insight and clarity. Much appreciated. B.&H. K. (Ecclesiastes)

Another excellent video, Bill. Very much enjoying these. K.G. (Ecclesiastes)

I never really saw it as James entering a prophetic mode after being in a pastoral one, but when I think of it, it makes perfect sense. I appreciate the insight. S.V. (How to read James)

Well done. A concise video, able to tackle some deep things and deep questions! The whole idea of faith being the ultimate thing that matters has been a big thing God has been speaking to me about over recent months. It really is faith that matters in the end - and is the shared glory between us and God, as you say. (J.B.) (Job - Satan's Challenges.)

Another insightful video Bill. Thanks so much for sharing. A.K. (The Romans 7 Ambush)

Great summary! D.A. (Ecclesiastes)

Your short talk covered a big subject so clearly. D. A. (Job - Satan's Challenges.)

I love the style, and the gentle humble authority. W.T. (How to read James)

Nicely done… well done for pointing it out. G.B. (How to read James)

Wow Bill, this is the central topic right now. I watched it twice and will again. At the end of the day we ask ourselves – what is human? – and in the midst of these fundamental questions we realize simplicity… that we say YES to life. A very important message right now when people are feeling depressed and exhausted. Celebrating beauty in SIMPLE THINGS. Thank you Bill. The Bible has been misinterpreted… and it’s a blessing to correct these misunderstandings. S.Z. (Ecclesiastes)

I appreciated this short study, thanks for sharing it. L.A. (How to read James)

This is very good. C.B.L. (How to read James)

I had never thought about that issue in James but your theory is both plausible and helpful. J.F. (How to read James)

Love your message. This is wonderful. I’m always struggling with that question as well and it takes a lot of weight from body and soul to think that our meaning is TO LIVE, to enjoy what life has to offer, and to relax, by not thinking and complicating things too much. What a lovely message. I fully agree with you. D.T. (Ecclesiastes)

Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve read, but never studied the book of James so I found what you said really interesting. I’ll read it in a new light. C.P. (How to read James)

Thanks for your video. It is very good. (How to read James). This one is very good too. (Ecclesiastes) Please let me know when you have any others to put up. W.M.

Very useful and helpful - keep it going! (How to read James). Life-affirming and uplifting (Ecclesiastes). S.K.

Your insights are appreciated. Looking forward to more. (How to read James/ Ecclesiastes). D.M.

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