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"EPIPHANIES" Opening Poem GREY- by C. Brodie-Levinsohn

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Here is the opening poem from C. Brodie-Levinsohn's new collection "Epiphanies".



It might turn out

To be white.

It might turn out

To be black.

The colour of uncertainty,

Of faith gaps, and

Waiting times.

The colour of

Old men’s heads,

Who are no longer certain

But are very wise.

The colour of

Skies that make rain,

Producing green fields.

The colour of

Necessary evil.


The London skyline

A-shimmer with light.

The colour of business,

Classy suits, cocktails

With a red cherry in the middle.

Grey is also

The colour of pain,

Of dead men’s cheeks

And hard days at the office.


Could go either way