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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

* * * * * Thank you so much – a gem!

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Bill Brodie’s book - a gem full of wisdom, experience, deep insights into the needs of students and teachers, practical ideas and inspiration.

Conny R. 23 February 2016

* * * * * Top

Bill Brodie in Bestform!

Andreas D. 3. Oktober 2018

* * * * * Kate. 14. September 2017

Excellent read. Good insight into a more modern style of language teaching

* * * * * The title says it all!

Learning vocabulary and grammar is learning about a language, but not learning a language. In a very impressive and descriptive way teaching strategies are described and useful examples are given as well as teaching resources. Teachers who are trying to make language teaching effective and enjoyable will love this book.

Silke S. 4. Oktober 2015

* * * * * Recommendable for all who want to know!

In a very concise style, the author is flooding us with his unique experiences and convictions. The reader is getting the impression that he/she is attending a turbulent class but witnesses a teacher who miraculously manages to get his messages across, despite all the usual resistances on the side of students. I can't imagine a better guide to teaching these days!

Axel J. 13. April 2014

* * * * * What a great book - a must for language teachers

I ordered your book and read it in one go, and must say that I liked it, and it made me think... My reading will result in changing my teaching approach once again and creating a new programme for our new students. What I actually want to say is thank you for this book and thank you for this kind of summary. I can easily adapt your ideas. I loved it very much and am going to read a second time soon to be reminded of the things I have to change to create drill-free, but real communication in my classroom. Anja N. 4. April 2014

* * * * * Empfehlenswert!

Ich hatte das Glück, Bill Brodie auf einer Fortbildung für Englischlehrer zu erleben. (Ein äußerst sympathischer Mensch!) Sein Buch hält was es verspricht: viele Anregungen für den Lehreralltag, innovative Methoden und Ideen. Dabei werden interkulturellen Phänomene wie eventuelle "Stolpersteine" auf sehr humorvolle Art und Weise thematisiert. Top!

D. H. 15. November 2014

* * * * * Sylvia Z. 12. März 2014

Danke! Ich bin Englisch Lehrerin und habe es mit Begeisterung gelesen.

Dieses Buch ist ein fantastischer Wegbegleiter zu einem besseren (content-centered) Unterricht. Sehr charmant bzw. humorvoll. Auf den Punkt genau und voller kreativer Lösungen.

* * * * * Jana K. 28 March 2014

The Art of Language Teaching deals with everlasting problems - how to make language lessons more enjoyable, communicative, creative, colourful and consequently more effective. How to motivate learners, attract their attention, involve them in the learning process and enable them to use language in everyday situations communicatively. And furthermore, to make them look forward to lessons! It is about applying a constructivist approach, C.L.I.L., T.P.R. and other communicative strategies.

The book is very practical compared with some other books about the same topic. There are no tiring and long theoretical articles, just a short introduction to the problem supported with some good experience and exact explanations. Then everything is followed by a lot of useful examples of ready-made, suitable activities, together with detailed instructions, which can be used in a learner-centred classroom to develop learners' skills and competences in a language.

There are variations to show how to adapt activities to learners of different ages, levels and learning styles (V.A.K.). These activities predominantly develop speaking skills but also reading, listening and writing. It depends on teachers' creativity.

The book is a great source of ideas, inspiration and stimulation for enthusiastic teachers.

* * * * * Superb!

Whether you're a student, in your first few years of teaching, or an experienced language teacher this book is sure to appeal. The tools and motivation are provided to change the essence of your language teaching for the better, and for the benefit of the next generation of linguists. While the overall style is light throughout, much is covered in this book making it a great value buy for any teacher! Super! Abigail31 23 February 2014

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