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Personal and Professional Development Programmes 2021

UK Culture and Language Update

For those interested in interculturality, including ELT practitioners, this course offers a range of lectures, seminars and field studies aimed at developing participants' appreciation of cultural diversity with a focus on modern Britain.

"Culture is a set of norms accepted by the majority of any identifiable people grouping"

Seminars will cover a wide range of aspects of life in the UK, including media, politics, ethnicity and identity, youth culture and the changing English language.

27.6. - 03.07.21


22 -28.08.21 (repeat)


From Shakespeare to Postmodernism in Ian McEwan.
An English Literature Five-Day Crash Course

Enhance your knowledge of world-famous English literature, its epochs, genres and landmark works.

- Enjoy Shakespeare's genius as Al Pacino mesmerizes as Shylock (in the play with the first media game show and the first courtroom drama); 

- Explore the "Ambivalences and Absolutes" of The Evangelical & Enlightenment eras; marvel at the first ever English novels (Pilgrim's Progress, Robinson Crusoe); discover why God is mentioned 161 times in Crusoe and not once in Gulliver;  learn how Samuel Pepys lost his way but left us fascinating (usually censored) diaries.

- Trace how the Romantics' yearning for a higher reality morphed into the Victorian obsession with Gothic and the macabre.

- "All that glisters is not gold": get a feel for the ambivalences of the Roaring 20s, from the breezy farces of P G Wodehouse (Jeeves and Wooster) to the excoriating self-destructiveness of the Great Gatsby; and how Evelyn Waugh spanned the full range.

- Learn to distinguish typical features of Modernism (T S Eliot/James Joyce) from Postmodernism; enjoy texts from a range of great British writers of the past 60 years (Lodge, Bradley, le Carré, McEwan et al).

- Enjoy the "Top 20 English Poems" of all time.

And more!

Lectures and interactive seminars including video sessions and private reading time will make this an unforgettable week of literary studies.

A day trip to Dublin will be a chance to celebrate the legacy of a constellation of famous Anglo-Irish writers.

4 - 10 July 2021


15 -21 August 2021 (repeat)

Package Price

The all-inclusive price for each course is £785. 

These courses are eligible for the EU's Erasmus KA1 funding programme.

A special price is negotiable for those who attend some seminars only, also for those taking part on a non-residential basis. 

Days 1 and 7 are flexible arrival and departure days.

Accommodation is in single en-suite rooms in Belfast's Stranmillis College.

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